Looking for halal chicken ramen to Seirock-Ya world?

At whatever point ramen is referenced, the picture of a bowl of lavish noodles with thick, practically smooth stock, beat by impeccably arranged onsen egg and a succulent section of chasiu, rings a bell.

In Malaysia, the chasiu and stock served at Japanese eateries are much of the time pork-based; as a matter of fact, epicureans could venture to such an extreme as to say a genuine ramen dish isn’t real without pork.

Generally, there are two stock choices with regards to ramen: tonkotsu (pork), and torigara (chicken). Yet, frequently, regardless of utilizing a chicken-based stock, most Japanese diners will in any case serve pork chasiu.Enter Ramen Seirock-Ya, a foundation that plans to refute doubters by preparing scrumptious ramen made completely with halal ingredients!This café, which has branches in Damansara Uptown in Petaling Jaya, IOI Mall Puchong, and Central I-City Mall in Shah Alam, serves a mean Toripaitan Ramen with a rich, flavorsome stock – a thick, collagen-filled undertaking coming about because of chicken bubbled on high intensity for quite a long time.

Truth be told, the foundation prides itself such a huge amount on its soup, it even promotes on its site that it is “famous [with] ladies since it incorporates loads of collagen that is really great for magnificence”!

Here, you can pick between thick, slight, and the lighter Tokyo ramen. The meager noodles are best for absorbing flavors, and you can appreciate them with seared shallots, green vegetables, egg, and chicken bosom.
In spite of being very much cooked and delicious, the last option is certainly not an ideal swap for pork chiasu, however it is by and by completely satisfactory when the soup is thus, so great!

Seirock-Ya likewise serves a chicken katsu bowl, curry rice, and chicken gyoza, however the last option tasted fairly “excessively solid” during this essayist’s visit, perhaps on the grounds that the meat was excessively lean.

All things considered, this spot is strongly suggested for the people who love heavenly Japanese cooking made with halal fixings… albeit the people who like a little greasy wantonness in their charge ought to give the gyoza a skip!

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