Here’s to tasty rice dishes with a cauliflower twist

In the same way as other Asian nations, the typical Malaysian eating routine is unfinished without a serving of rice.

Tragically, while this staple grain is flexible and filling, there are likewise drawbacks to unreasonable utilization of rice, stoutness and diabetes being two of them.So, two bold men set out determined to show Malaysians a method for getting a charge out of delicious yet quality feasts without the requirement for rice.

At Cauli and Rice, the majority of the dishes are presented with cauliflower rice, a better option with far less calories and more supplements.

To give the crunchy vegetable a similar vibe and surface of rice, the cauliflower is first destroyed into grain-sized pieces that can undoubtedly make look like rice.

However, in light of the fact that it appears as though rice doesn’t mean it tastes on par with rice, correct? Indeed, that is on you to choose as you single out from the broad menu.If you love a kick of flavor in your food, check the Spicy Tom Yam Caulirice Bowl out. Getting started at 252 calories for each bowl, this is a decent dinner with a fiery and harsh kick that will leave you with a scorched tongue.

With a serving of full chicken bosoms and crunchy red cabbage, it’s little marvel then that this is viewed as a blockbuster.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you lean toward a hot dish with recognizable kinds of home and hearth, you ought to check the Malaysian Curry Hybrid Bowl out.

As the “cross breed” name might propose, this bowl is loaded up with a blend of caulirice and white rice, providing cafes with the smartest possible scenario. With an onsen egg delegated the dish, there are lumps of chicken and mushrooms concealed underneath, holding back to satisfy your sense of taste.
For youngsters and people who favor non-hot feasts, the Tangy Tomato White Rice Bowl is a treat.

Cooked with rice blended in with egg whites, the flavor of tomato is mixed all through the dish, giving it an unmistakable tart flavor. A kampung broiled egg, tofu, broccoli and mushrooms keeps this veggie lover dish energizing and tasteful.Another nibble worth inspecting is the odd yet delicious Soy Garlic Cauli Nuggets, regardless of not having a piece of meat inside. All things being equal, it is lumps of cauliflower seared in a slim hitter then, at that point, covered with Superior Soy Garlic sauce.

While you might be uneasy to attempt this, a solitary nibble may very well alter your perspective, as the sweet and chewy cauliflower is an unadulterated joy to savour.Last however not least on the menu is the humble yet reviving Lemon Chia Seed Jelly, a remarkable sound pastry.

With a superfruit and superfood consolidated into a solitary treat, this chilly pastry is something best delighted in on a warm Malaysian evening.

Addressing FMT, Cauli and Rice prime supporter Kenneth Lai, 34, said that the eatery desires to assist with really impacting Malaysian attitudes in regards to good food.

“With additional individuals finding out about cauliflower rice, Cauli and Rice is our approach to rewarding the local area. We desire to develop this business as we believe more individuals should partake in the medical advantages of cauliflower rice.”

Cauli and Rice (Shah Alam)
Parcel L1-05, Level 1
Gamuda Walk
Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam

Cauli and Rice (Damansara Utama)
4B, Jalan SS 21/62
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

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