Gooddam: your go-to for northern Italian fare with a local touch

Gooddam, a cutting edge Italian eatery with Asian and, explicitly, Malaysian impacts, is a reviving expansion to the Petaling Jaya food scene, settled in the lavish, vaporous way of life safe house that is The HUB SS2.

The café’s name gets from a couple of beneficial things joined: it was established by two old buddies, Daniel Yap and Miki Lie, who had the honest goal of building a healthy business that serves great food.”I am a Malaysian gourmet specialist cooking local Italian cooking,” he said. “Each occasional menu is centered around various pieces of the Italian locales, permitting visitors to leave on an excursion similarly as.”

At the point when Yap got back to Malaysia, not set in stone to bring back what he encountered abroad. He united with Lie and one more companion to direct spring up feasting encounters in foundations around Kuala Lumpur.

The progress of Pop-Up Dining KL prompted the send off of Gooddam in late 2018. Lie manages activities and front of house, while Yap is responsible for the kitchen and menu creation.

Right off the bat, Yap and his group created a menu around the smash hit dishes from Pop-Up Dining KL, yet the reaction was tepid as coffee shops couldn’t place the sort of Italian cooking they were being served.

With many changes to the menu, including incalculable experimentation, they tweaked their admission to what it is today.

“We would have continuous discussions with our visitors. It is a steady difficult exercise of accomplishing a flavor profile that is genuinely Italian, with inconspicuous neighborhood seasons that our visitors are natural with.”As an outcome, coffee shops can partake in an onsen egg with Zuppa di Fagioli – a soup made of smooth cannellini beans; or dull chocolate frozen yogurt close by grappa-braised ciku.

Gooddam serves lunch and supper set courses, including the extraordinary La Sbroscia, a conventional fish soup beginning from Lake Bolsena in focal Italy; and cinghiale or wild-hog ravioli, a Tuscany delicacy with present day Asian impacts.

The wine list draws on an abundance of various districts, as well. Marks incorporate the Chianti from Tuscany, or the smooth Nebbiolo from the Piedmont locale. The Amarone is a rich, dry red wine from Veneto in the south… and remember the Italian “Champagne”, Prosecco!

Gab appreciates investigating blends of sweet and exquisite in a dish – a “fragile layering of Italian components with Asian fixings”. This is obvious in contributions, for example, sweet panzanella, roused by a Tuscan bread salad.

Other well known manifestations incorporate the carbonara and passionfruit tartlet, liver mousse, and chocolate bonbon.During the pandemic, one of his gourmet experts was especially anxious to figure out how to make pasta the hard way. Together, they made pastas from different locales and sent off a focal point menu – an idea that has thrived to the point that Gooddam will be opening an eatery serving hand tailored pasta before the year’s over.

“On the off chance that we can make something ourselves, we do – in addition to the pastas, yet pickles, bread, restored fish, ages, even rum,” Yap shared. He invests wholeheartedly in consolidating nearby produce, for example, Bidor ducks, neighborhood asparagus, cordyceps, Sarawak pepper, and kelulut honey to raise provincial Italian dishes.

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